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In 1989 Patlon made a pivotal decision. To enhance value, both for our Principals and customers, the company launched a drive to vastly expand our service and support capabilities.

Today Patlon’s extensive range of value-added services set the company apart from virtually every competitor.

From after-sales service, to modifications and upgrades, to calibration, training or painting, Patlon’s 38,000 square-foot material handling facility in Halton Hills can accommodate jobs of almost any size and complexity. This facility is fully equipped to handle incoming inspection and certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008




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The following sections provide you with a list of our services:


  • Assembly
    • We have the engineering capability to devise an effective solution for your specific application, and the facility to assemble your products or systems. We have effectively handled numerous types of assembly from simple to complex for both civilian and military applications that lead to improvements, costs savings and/or more reliable operation.
  • Field Installation and Commissioning
    • We offer field installation services which help our customers with complete installation, setup, installation tests (to ensure the equipment operates according to their requirements and the OEM’s specifications), setup operational and maintenance procedures and many other crucial tasks necessary in installation or commissioning.
  • Training
    • We provide complete training programs designed around customer objectives which relate to maintenance, installation, commissioning, and operation of their tools or equipment. We have held these training sessions wherever it has been most convenient to our customers; at their location or at Patlon’s site.
  • Calibration and Testing
    • For over a decade, Patlon’s Calibration and Testing group has played an extremely crucial roll in our customers’ day-to-day operations. From crimp tools to aircraft weight scale and radiation detection devices, we have extensive experience, technical knowledge, and the facility required to test and calibrate the most sensitive tools, devices or equipment.
  • Warranty Services
    • We provide a comprehensive set of warranty programs as offered by our Principals and OEMs, as well as Patlon’s warrantees.
  • Bilingual Support
    • In order to facilitate customer care across the country, we offer technical support in both official languages (English and French).
  • Painting
    • Our sophisticated paint shop is a perfect illustration of Patlon’s commitment to beginning-to-end service. Most paint facilities do not refinish an item from start to finish. Typically, one company will do the disassembly, another will do the stripping, another the painting, and yet another the reassembly. Patlon, on the other hand, provides a truly one-stop, turnkey, cost effective painting solution.












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Patlon Performs Repair and Maintenance on Well Over 150 Line Items Including…

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