Connected and committed

Patlon is the exclusive Canadian Representative for some of the world’s top manufacturers of custom components and systems.

These Principals are models of integrity, quality and originality—attributes Patlon in turn strives to reflect in the company’s sales and service philosophy.

The long-term connections we have established over decades of partnership with our Canadian customers are vitally important when it comes to the specifying and procurement of our Principals’ products. When we visit a decision maker on a sales call, they know we understand their business, that we recognize their needs, that we’ll do what we say, and that we’ll stand behind the deals we close.

In fact, many Principals find that Patlon operates more like their own Canadian sales staff than an out-of-house engineering sales representative. Our programs are their programs; our contacts are their contacts; and our technical expertise mirrors their know-how.





The breadth of Patlon’s reach across key industrial sectors frequently leads to the simultaneous introduction of one product into multiple, related markets. Very often these opportunities arise as we deal with OEMs at the design stage in an attempt to develop new applications for our Principals’ specialties.

Another way Patlon differs from a typical sales rep is in our distribution model. When necessary—as when a customer prefers to buy from a Canadian company in local currency—Patlon will buy and resell our Principals’ products. Again, leveraging our flexibility and professionalism to deliver optimal value.

Patlon is simply committed to seizing every opportunity for companies we represent. Open communication and close collaboration form the foundation for our joint success.


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