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Acting as an exclusive sales ‘partner’ for the multi-national Principals we represent, Patlon offers the same benefits as having a dedicated marketing team here in Canada.





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Drawing on over 50 years of corporate history, our engineering sales specialists operate out of Patlon’s Halton Hills facility, as well as offices in Ottawa , Montreal and Vancouver .

This unique technical sales force, highly regarded by OEMs and operators across the country, has earned a solid track record for developing pioneering applications that ‘spec in’ our Principals’ products.

To accomplish this, our sales, management and technical staff collaborates intensively with customers’ design engineers, maintenance engineers and procurement personnel. Much of this activity is in the military/civil defence, aerospace, electronics and industrial markets.

Patlon also offers a full range of value-added services including assembly, field installation, training, calibration and testing, in-house repair and overhaul, warranty services and more.

There are no shortcuts in Patlon’s world. Knowledge and communication are the building blocks for long-standing relationships with our Principals and our customers.





A Clear Vision ...

Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited is a professional sales and marketing company.

Patlon is committed to providing added value to its customers and its suppliers by developing new applications and servicing existing applications. Patlon achieves this through strong technical knowledge, understanding the needs of its customers, professional selling skills and effective communication with both customers and suppliers.

Patlon develops and implements its strategic plan annually to meet its established goals, including profitability through growth and diversity.

Patlon is committed to providing all employees with a challenging, responsible, rewarding environment where creativity and the pursuit of new opportunities are distinctly encouraged.






A record of achievement

For over 50 years, Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited has been one of Canada ’s leading Representatives for global manufacturers of custom components and systems.

Incorporated in 1953, Patlon began as a supplier of aircraft spares for the Canadian military. In the ensuing years Patlon expanded its market specialties to encompass technical applications sales to the aerospace, government, electronics, and industrial markets.

Today Patlon’s team operate out of sales offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Halton Hills and Vancouver. The company’s 38,000 square-foot Halton Hills head office provides sophisticated repair, overhaul and other value-added capabilities; and the company’s quality assurance procedures are certified to ISO 9001: 2008.

Focused on engineering and technical sales, Patlon’s primary assets are our long-term customer relationships and a deep understanding of our Principals’ products.

Coupled with a unique ability to develop innovative applications, these attributes have enabled Patlon to achieve annual sales well into tens of millions.







A proof of quality

From its inception in 1953, quality has been the hallmark of Patlon. Today, we have built-in procedures in all areas of the company and our quality assurance is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Due to the highly technical nature of our work, our technical team works at OEM and end-user levels with design, production, standards, product support and maintenance engineers, adhering to some of the most stringent and well established quality assurance procedures. This has consistently provided a great comfort level among our customers whose projects are significantly dependent on quality in workmanship, processes, and the end-product.

The company’s 38,000 square-foot Halton Hills head office provides sophisticated repair, overhaul, testing and other value-added capabilities and is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Knowing how sensitive the nature of our customers’ requirements is to quality has always guided us in selecting quality-driven manufacturers and employees. At Patlon quality is not just a procedure that we are certified to, it is a fact of life; one that is well embedded in our character and principles.


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